Technology Innovation

Moves at the Speed of Light.

In just 50 years, technology has evolved from monstrous mainframe computers to complex yet elegant hand held devices. Our increasing dependence on these modern marvels for convenience, fun and safety hide a troubling and inevitable problem: technology failure. What do you do when your most treasured photos or personal documents are compromised due to viruses, cyber-attacks, equipment failure or natural disaster? How do you ensure the bad guys stay out when your garage door won't shut and you're across the globe? These worries don't exist with MyTechPro as your digital guardian!

MyTechPro has revolutionized home technology management with

affordable, reliable and "done right" the first time service options.

MyTechPro provides for all facets of your home's technology by providing full support, product selection recommendations, troubleshooting and repairs, existing systems integration, and overall management. Our approach is radical and so are the results.


If your home has any of the following, MyTechPro is your digital assurance against tech-tastrophe to ensure your home's digital systems are
operating efficiently:


•   Smart Home Automation & Appliances

•   Security Systems: Static & Remote

•   Computers

•   Smartphones, Tablets, e-Readers

•   Gaming Consoles

•   Master Remote Controls

•   Remote Controlled Electronics

    (Thermostat, Lighting)

•   Surveillance Systems:

     Static & Remote

•   Wireless Apparel

•   3D and Wireless Printers

•   Secure, Customized

     Internet Preferences

•   Entertainment Systems

     including HDTV

•   Anything Wireless

     & Much More!




    At MyTechPro it is our mission to help “make the complicated simple,” providing each customer a personal experience. MyTechPro will help you with any kind of “technology” that you might have. From Enterprise Class Network Design, to Smart TV’s and Home Theater installation. MyTechPro has become each customer’s trusted, reliable, and easily accessible source for advice, design, installation, training and repairs for anything related to their technology.


    MyTechPro's genesis began in 2012 with the visionary minds of business and technology leaders William McNamara and Jeff Ames. They saw people relying more and more on technology in the home. A trend extending beyond simply using a tablet to controls lights, but one that allowed conveniences like remotely adjusting the thermostat to making sure the kids had select internet access to do homework. The duo recognized that as this reliance increased, there was no one providing long-term tech help at home. That's when MyTechPro let out its first cry announcing the arrival of the home technology support and management revolution!


    Today, MyTechPro enjoys continued success thanks to the owners leading by example and works in partnership with staff, vendors, retailers, technology companies, schools and customers.



MyTechPro is the

Digital Revolution's

Frontline Guardian.

MyTechPro has made the increasingly complex world of technology, simple. And one, affordable monthly membership fee is usually all it takes to give you peace-of-mind that your home's systems are operating perfectly!


Digital innovation is the dominion of progress, but just because you use technology doesn't necessarily make you a technology expert. Whether you're a total techie, barely know how to power-on your smartphone, or fall somewhere in-between, MyTechPro has the solution for you. In fact, all MyTechPro solutions are perfect because they're customized for your needs. Best of all, our monthly subscription options fit most budgets and needs, some priced lower than your monthly coffee house budget!



The MyTechPro Value

Let's talk about MyTechPro's unrivaled value. For less than a month's worth of fancy cappuccinos, MyTechPro members benefit from fully customizable, monthly home support options. No frills? No problem! Do you need us to orchestrate a symphony between your home theatre, lighting, appliances and perimeter gates? Guardian Pros are maestros at making sure your technology's functionality creates nothing but music to your ears.


Busy people rely on specialists to make their lives easier. Just like having a pool guy, a housekeeper or a lawn service, MyTechPro is your home's technology management specialist and we've grouped our services into two attractive and affordable monthly plans.


Affordable Technology

Support & Management

Not sure of the monthly plan you need? MyTechPro's Tech Review will help us determine what plan works best for you. It also gives you a flat monthly fee so that your only job is to enjoy your new equipment!

Schedule Your Tech-Assessment today!


First Defense


MyTechPro's single device

coverage option.

Total Tech


The digital dream for the geek in all of us since it provides protection for all your devices & lots more.

Please stay tuned for our enhanced and updated package options!


GuardianPro protection means many things, including access when and where you need. Whether you're experiencing technical difficulties or just have a business question, here's how you can contact MyTechPro.

2675 E. Flamingo Road, Suite 6

Las Vegas, Nevada 89121



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