We Make the Complicated Simple

MyTechPro Suite of Services

Managed IT Services

Expert IT help and proactive management

IT Consulting

Stay safe and secure from the unpredictable

IT Support

Reliable communication solutions


Stop worrying and get the protection you need

Co-Managed IT

Expanded control over existing infrastructure with enterprise-class monitoring and help desk tools

Network Services

Next gen connectivity solutions for businesses in the digital age

The MyTechPro Difference

Technology Assessment and Management

We will evaluate your entire IT infrastructure and architect a worry-free managed solution

Responsive 24/7 Tech Support

World class support 24/7/365. MyTechPro will handle the issue until it is fully resolved

Affordable Monthly Billing

Peace of mind at a reasonable price. Let us remove your IT headaches

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For the Technology you need to have, but don’t need to know.

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The MyTechPro Value

Membership Packages

Let’s talk about MyTechPro’s unrivaled value. For less than a month’s worth of fancy cappuccinos, MyTechPro members benefit from fully customizable, monthly home support options. No frills? No problem! Do you need us to orchestrate a symphony between your home theatre, lighting, appliances and perimeter gates? Guardian Pros are maestros at making sure your technology’s functionality creates nothing but music to your ears.

Busy people rely on specialists to make their lives easier. Just like having a pool guy, a housekeeper or a lawn service, MyTechPro is your home’s technology management specialist and we’ve grouped our services into two attractive and affordable monthly plans.

First Defense

Simple Solutions

$ 49 99
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MyTechPro's single device coverage option.

Total tech

A Digital Dream

$ 59 99
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The digital dream for the geek in all of us since it provides protection for all your devices & lots more.