Just because you use technology doesn't necessarily make you a technology expert.

Integrated homes, networked computers, and wireless appliances improve our lives, but they make us miserable when they fail. Software glitches, hardware failure, user error, data breeches, even cyber attacks leave your information — including those irreplaceable family photos and videos — vulnerable to loss.


Even with back-ups, how effective can you really be for the daily onslaught of dangers to your computers, smart phones, tablets, SMART appliances and surveillance systems? You may be one click or power surge away from complete tech-tastrophe. If you're lucky, you may be able to recover financially, but ask yourself... how much can you really afford to lose?


If this is a gamble you can't risk, let MyTechPro secure your home's technology as your GuardianPro. We remove the worries associated with difficult installations, software and hardware maintenance, back-ups, recoveries, troubleshooting and repair. Best of all, we do all of this affordably and effectively!

Here's How:

GuardianPro's ensure all your home's technologies operate as they should through our focus on:

Product & Software
Selection & Installation

Home Network
Support & Management

Home Security Automation,
Installation & Monitoring

Custom System Integration


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